Database Services

Bibliomation’s database services team provides MARC records for all of Bibliomation, original cataloging for members and non-members, and acquisitions and serials training in¬†Evergreen.

Benefits for members

Bibliomation is an OCLC member. Our records are sourced from OCLC by our top-notch cataloging team, so members are assured of record quality without paying for an individual OCLC membership (though maintaining a separate OCLC membership is an option).

Our records are created and managed by a team of professional catalogers, who keep the consortium current with best cataloging practices.

Serials and Acquisitions modules are optional and Database Services will train library staff on integrating them into workflows to streamline ordering and material management.

Fee-based Services for Non-members

Nonmembers can send local history and other unique material to Bibliomation for top-quality original cataloging.