Evergreen 2.0 is Out!

The long awaited release of Evergreen 2.0 is now out and available for all to download, install, configure, and have fun with.

Evergreen 2.0 brings with an extensive list of features, including some major functions such as Acquisitions. To see the list of features, click here.

King County Library System, in Washington state, drove much of the Evergreen 2.0 development effort. King County went live on Evergreen last September. Other sites, like the PINES System in Georgia, contributed significantly to the Acquisitions development.

Bibliomation will bring our Development Partner libraries up on Evergreen 2.0 in mid-February.

Evergreen System Preview for our Libraries

Kate Sheehan, Bibliomation’s Open Source Implementation Coordinator, has been showing off the Evergreen system to our member libraries these past two weeks. Her demonstrations have been well received, as she has a talent for injecting a bit of humor into them. We’re building momentum for our Memorial Day migration this May!

Many of our library partners brought their laptops with them to the demonstration; Kate walked them through the Evergreen client download and installation. These clients are now connected to our Evergreen test server so that staff can familiarize themselves with the software features such as how to search for a book, place a hold on an item, check that item out, etc.

Our libraries will be Evergreen experts in no time!

The Coding has been Completed!

We have heard from Equinox – the coding for our K-12 schools/academics due date functionality has been completed!

The functionality centers around end-of-school year and hard due dates. One enhancement will allow schools to apply an end-of-year due date for their students’ items. As the school year nears a close, no items will check out past this date. The other enhancement, the hard due date, will be used for faculty – they can check items out at any time during the school year and the items will be due at the end of the year.

For these two enhancements, Bibliomation had partnered with four library systems:

  • Conifer (Ontario, Canada)
  • Sage Library System (Oregon)
  • Kirtland Community College (Michigan)
  • MassLNC (Massachusetts)

This functionality will be added to the next releases of Evergreen and we will be able to test it for our 22 K-12 schools. The Lebanon Schools, already on Evergreen, will be able to use the enhancements for the end of their school year this June.

Amy Terlaga
Assistant Director, User Services

Evergreen Software Development – News

Bibliomation’s Melissa Lefebvre and Ben Shum submitted an Evergreen software enhancement that was recently accepted by the Evergreen community. Their “New Search” button has been added to versions and 2.0. This button opens up a new Advanced Search tab from within the Evergreen staff client. It is a very nice addition!

Many people ask, “Just who are the core software committers to Evergreen?” This list of software developers is constantly expanding, but to see who currently has commit privileges to Evergreen trunk, you can go to http://open-ils.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=contributing:contributors.

Bibliomation is very pleased to have our software enhancement make it into the latest releases of Evergreen!

–Amy Terlaga
Assistant Director, User Services

Douglas Library, North Canaan is now LIVE on Evergreen!

The Douglas Library, in North Canaan, CT, is now live on BibliOak, Bibliomation’s Development Partner Evergreen system.

The Douglas Library is the seventh CT library to be brought up on Evergreen. The other six libraries are The Beacon Falls Public Library, the Douglas Library of Hebron, The Jonathan Trumbull Library in Lebanon, the Lebanon Schools, the Windham Free Library, and the Sprague Library in Baltic.

Bibliomation has three more development partner libraries to go – the Slater Library in Griswold, the David M. Hunt Library in Falls Village, and the Warren Public Library before we bring our development partner project to a successful close in early 2011.

If you have any questions about Bibliomation’s development partner project, you can contact Melissa Lefebvre, Bibliomation’s Open Source Project Manager, at mlefebvre{at}biblio{dot}org.

–Amy Terlaga
Assistant Director, User Services
Bibliomation, Inc.
Middlebury, CT

Partnership with OverDrive

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Participating Libraries (Libraries marked with a * are not Bibliomation members, only Overdrive participants)

  • Ansonia Public Library
  • Beacon Falls Library
  • Bethel Public Library
  • Bentley Memorial Library, Bolton
  • Bracken Memorial Library, Woodstock*
  • Brookfield Public Library
  • Brooklyn Town Library Association*
  • C.H. Booth Library, Newtown
  • Cornwall Free Library
  • David M. Hunt Library, Falls Village
  • Derby Public Library
  • Derby Neck Library
  • Douglas Library of Hebron
  • Douglas Library, North Canaan
  • Easton Public Library
  • Edith Wheeler Memorial Library, Monroe
  • Gunn Memorial Library, Washington
  • Hagaman Library, East Haven
  • Hall Memorial Library, Ellington
  • Hotchkiss Library of Sharon
  • Howard Whittemore Library, Naugatuck
  • Jonathan Trumbull Library, Lebanon
  • Killingly Public Library
  • Kent Memorial Library, Suffield
  • Mansfield Public Library
  • Mark Twain Library
  • Middlebury Public Library
  • Minor Memorial Library, Roxbury
  • Morris Public Library
  • Norfolk Library
  • Oliver Wolcott Library, Litchfield
  • Oxford Public Library
  • Plumb Memorial Library, Shelton and Huntington
  • Pomfret Public Library*
  • Putnam Public Library
  • Ridgefield Library
  • Rockville Public Library
  • Rowayton Library
  • Salem Free Public Library
  • Scoville Memorial Library, Salisbury
  • Seymour Public Library
  • Sherman Library
  • Silas Bronson Library, Waterbury
  • Somers Public Library
  • Southbury Public Library
  • Sprague Library
  • Stafford Library
  • Terryville Public Library
  • Thomaston Public Library
  • Thompson Public Library
  • Tolland Public Library
  • Union Free Library
  • Voluntown Public Library*
  • Warren Public Library
  • Weston Public Library
  • Willington Public Library*
  • Willimantic Public Library
  • Windham Free Library
  • Wolcott Public Library
  • Woodbury Public Library

Please be advised that you must be a member of a participating library in order to download any OverDrive audiobook. Also be aware that downloads may be prohibited within your library.