One Year of Evergreen

Happy Evergreen Anniversary to us!

Bibliomation came up on Evergreen 2.0 on June 3, 2011. Since then, we’ve upgraded to 2.2 and TPAC, with countless small fixes (including some backported 2.1 features) along the way.

Since we’ve been live, we’ve circulated 5.7 million items, and we’ve added 891,000 items and 61,274 patrons. A healthy year, to be sure.

Our little Evergreen sapling has matured and will keep getting stronger. Each patch, tweak, and upgrade has improved Evergreen and made life under this growing tree just that much better.

Image courtesy of CC license by Flickr user Theresa Thompson

A tale of two libraries

Yee-haw! We’re officially welcoming two libraries to the Bibliomation fold this month. Warren Public Library went live on November 7 and Bridgeport Public Library returned to Bibliomation on the 14th.

These two libraries couldn’t be more different, and it was great fun to spend their go live days with them. Warren is a small town in Northwestern Connecticut and Bridgeport is Connecticut’s largest city. This was the first ILS for Warren, where almost every patron knew it was the library’s big day.
Bridgeport is returning to Bibliomation -the library was one of the founding members of our consortium and actually housed Biblio’s headquarters in our early days. Like the majority of our libraries, they migrated from Horizon. Equinox handled their data migration and we’re pleased as punch with the results.
This Thanksgiving, we’re giving thanks that we have two fine libraries joining our ranks. Have a joyous and safe holiday, US Evergreeners.

Almost there!

We’re coming into the home stretch of our migration-filled two years. The Warren Public Library is automating for the first time and plans to go live on November 7th. Bridgeport Public Library will be re-joining Bibliomation with a go live date of November 14th.

Bridgeport has already rocked our Evergreen world. Our acquisition libraries were frustrated by a bug that limited purchase orders to 20 line items from a selection list. Bridgeport stepped in and funded the fix; this morning, a library created a purchase order with 38 items. We couldn’t be more pleased and we’re all looking forward to welcoming Bridgeport back into the Bibliomation fold.

Back to School!

For most of Bibliomation’s schools, the first day has been delayed thanks to Irene. However, our friends at Equinox software got their data transferred into our Evergreen servers before the storm hit. Bibs, items, and students are all ready to go for our school media specialists once they have electricity to access them.

We’re still training (and rescheduling hurricane-disrupted trainings) and working out new routines and workflows with the schools, but their data is ready to go. Next up, Bridgeport Public Library!


image by Flickr user strangelibrarian

It’s Official – Bibliomation is an (almost) all-Evergreen consortium

On June 7, 2011, all of Bibliomation’s public libraries became Evergreen libraries. This fall, the school libraries will start their year with Evergreen and two more public libraries will join Bibliomation, bringing our total public library membership to 60.

We’ve been up and running on Evergreen for almost two months now and while it hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing (what migration ever is), we’re finding our way and establishing some best practices as we go.

We’re over the moon about Ben Shum’s work automating our monthly reports and Jessica Venturo’s reports in the staff client. We’ve got data any which way our libraries want it. Now that we’re settling in to circulation and cataloging in Evergreen, Mary Llewellyn is forging ahead with acquisitions and serials. We’re bringing our libraries’ feedback about these two newest components of Evergreen as well as everything else in our new ILS back to the community and we’re building a wishlist for future development.

Bibliomation is excited to be a part of the Evergreen community and we can’t wait to build an even brighter future for our libraries and our ILS!

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

This is me, signing the official Evergreen Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement with the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC), an umbrella, not-for-profit organization that helps promote, improve, develop, and defend Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects.

I was one of many interested individuals serving on the Evergreen Oversight Board, hoping to find a means to protect the assets of the Evergreen community and we found such a way with the SFC. We spent the past year developing a beginning rules of governance that were adopted at the 2011 Evergreen conference on April 29th. One of our first tasks, now that these rules have been accepted, is to define a mechanism for electing Board members in future years.

I am very pleased to be on this Board, as the individuals I serve with seem to inhabit the spirit of open source. It was stressed again and again throughout our process of defining who we are and what our role should be, that we did not want to add a layer of bureaucracy to a community that is already thriving, fulfilling key components to keeping Evergreen growing in a very productive manner. We have found our role in the Evergreen community and I am happy to report that it is a supportive role, one that will help the existing groups – the developers, the documentation interest group, and the rest – grow even more.

For more information see here.

–Amy Terlaga