Bibliomation Board approves Evergreen recommendation

The following message was first posted on September 25th by Mike Simonds, CEO of Bibliomation, on Connecticut’s conntech listserv, a list that focuses on technology in CT’s libraries:
[Any questions you may have regarding our migration plan can be sent to me at terlagaATbiblioDOTorg] –Amy


On September 24th the Bibliomation Board of Directors voted to accept a staff recommendation to establish the Evergreen Open Source Software system as the future migration path for the network. This recommendation was based on fifteen months of investigation. The Bibliomation staff download both the Evergreen and Koha Open Source Software products, loaded identical sets of test records on both systems, then evaluated the two products against over 120 separate functional requirements. This testing provided conclusive evidence that the Evergreen option is the more consortia friendly of the Open Source alternatives currently available.

This decision does not imply an imminent system migration for Bibliomation. There are still a number of enhancements to the Evergreen Software that we feel will be necessary before such a migration is feasible. We will, however, move ahead with the Bibliomation Developmental Partners Project. Four small public libraries have volunteered to work with the network in a pilot project which will allow us to implement and test new enhancements to the Evergreen software. Bibliomation will migrate each of these libraries into a small, fully functional shared Evergreen system, which will, in turn act as a test bed for the software improvements as they are developed. In return for their cooperation in this project Bibliomation has created a very favorable cost structure that will fully reflect the potential financial savings Open Source has to offer libraries.

The four libraries that have agreed to participate in this project are: The Beacon Falls Public Library, The Douglas Library Association of Hebron, The Slater Library in Griswold, and the Windham Free Library Association. We will be scheduling profiling meetings with these libraries in October and hope to have a functioning shared Evergreen cooperative system operational in Connecticut by early 2010.

Michael J. Simonds

Chief Executive Officer

Bibliomation, Inc.

32 Crest Road

Middlebury, CT.06762

203-577-4070 x106


A Day with Equinox: Evergreen Exploration

We’ll be spending some time over the next few months to investigate the consortial functionality of Evergreen.

We’re starting with a day-long session with Shae Tetterton, project manager at Equinox, the support vendor for Evergreen software development, implementation, and hosting services.

We’ve sent Shae some of our current functionality needs as well as some wish list items and she plans to touch upon these areas in her demonstration of the Evergreen software.

In the meantime, Melissa, here at work, is VERY close to bringing up our first Evergreen test server – NOT an easy task.

Shae will be here tomorrow as long as the weather cooperates!

Evergreen v. Koha – Comparisons

I’ve been looking for posts comparing Evergreen to Koha and I’m not finding much. Some posts are old and no longer accurate. Very frustrating.

Here’s one from an Evergreen user in the making:

and here is a basic comparison between the two by Josh Ferraro, from LibLime, who is very familiar with both systems, since LibLime at one time offered Evergreen hosting/support:

I’m sure that there are plenty more posts worth reading out there. If anyone has any good comparison articles or blogs or what not, please feel free to share!

Darien Library’s Social OPAC (SOPAC 2.0)

On September 1st, John Blyberg launched his social OPAC at the Darien Public Library. This revamped OPAC front-end includes a number of web 2.o features like:

  • user-added ratings, comments, and reviews
  • ability for libraries to add community repository data

This OPAC front-end software has been released as open source and should work with a number of ILSes out there.

To experience SOPAC 2.0, for yourself, go to: