Member Services

Bibliomation’s Member Services department provides support, training, and technology planning services for member libraries. We now have a combination of network and PC service/remote site technicians; Evergreen and software help desk; and a web services division.

Bibliomation’s Member Services department trains member libraries in the following areas:

  • PAC
  • Circulation
  • Basic LAN functionality
  • Internet applications (web browsers and e-mail).

Member Services also operates a Help Desk for troubleshooting purposes. Member Services representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., by dialing 1-800-327-4765 or (203) 577-4070.

If a troubleshooting issue arises concerning multiple libraries, Member Services will instant message details to member libraries or send an automated phone message. We also distribute messages by module-specific listservs. Our generic technically-oriented listserv is called evergreen. We also offer bibliopac, bibliocirc, bibliomaint, biblioacq, biblioser, overdrive, and schools. If you are interested in joining one of our listservs, please contact Bibliomation.

How Member Services Staff diagnose and solve problems

Better information means better diagnosis of a problem which, in turn, means better support for our members. The following is a summary of techniques that we use to isolate and resolve your problems:

I. How do we troubleshoot? First, we attempt to isolate the problem: by machine (how many and which machines), by application (how many and which applications on which machines are having the problem), by frequency of occurrence (how often does the problem occur, and what might it correspond with).

II. If the problem is related to patron/item records, we will require examples of the problem (ideally recorded while the situation was “live”) and the bar code numbers involved.

III. When a problem is with your Bibliomation Internet service (if you have another ISP we cannot support you, you will have to talk to your ISP), we may ask for your machine name. Be prepared to let us know whether it is strictly an e-mail or web problem, or if it is related to both functions. We will also want to know which e-mail program you are using, if it is a problem with e-mail. E-mail issues are handled by Tom Sweda and Gen Francis.