About Bibliomation

Established in 1980, Bibliomation is a member-driven, non-profit organization that provides for the technological and automation needs of over 60 public libraries and 20 K-12 schools throughout Connecticut.

Bibliomation offers a wide array of information, telecommunications, and automation services for its member libraries. These services include:

  • Evergreen, an open source integrated library system
  • Database Services: cataloging, conversion, training, and support
  • Serials and Acquisitions modules
  • LAN/WAN network architecture and frame relay/DSL connections
  • Guidance and consulting for frame relay conversions, database conversions, system moves, and implementation and design of new systems
  • IP allocation
  • PC and software installation
  • Internet service, including web site hosting (Front Page Extensions, e-mail accounts, and web support)
  • Commercial database access (including the latest in remote patron authentication options)
  • Notice and Statistical Report Production
  • Help Desk support, training, and troubleshooting
  • Documentation
  • Windows desktop security and virus protection
  • Regular user groups and seminars
  • Integration of community resources (establishing connections between member libraries, schools, and their town networks)

Bibliomation has evolved into the largest of the Connecticut networks and is currently reaching out to communities with limited resources via its Small Libraries Service Module (SLSM). This module offers smaller libraries the advantages of membership with reduced ongoing costs by providing a limited and standardized system configuration.

Bibliomation libraries have also led the way in combining school and public library resources via the system. By sharing a common platform, with each institution governed by its own database parameters, libraries and schools not only meet their individualized needs but can share in everything from collection development to specialized ILLs. Some public and school libraries even cross-train staff members. There are many more possibilities that a site visit from Bibliomation can discover.

If you are interested in the SLSM, the schools project, or are interested in joining Bibliomation, please contact Carl DeMilia at 1-800-327-4765, x106.