2015-16 Annual Report

Our Mission

Bibliomation enhances library service through the cost effective application and support of technology.

The past year has been a very busy one for the Bibliomation staff. Work began and is ongoing with the creation and implementation of the findIT CT project. The CTDA project finally got the green light but had to be temporarily put on hold due to staffing changes. Bibliomation experienced several staff changes during the year which provided its own challenges.

Network Services

  • Construction/Renovation Projects
    • 4 building inspections with engineers, electricians and architects for library building projects:
      • Weston
      • Hagaman
      • Jonathan Trumbull
      • Scoville
    • BiblioTech
      • 33 libraries used the BiblioTech service.
      • Total hours used: 5       Total hours billable: 594.7
      • Libraries received 368 hrs of BiblioTech service without charges, saving members a total of $23,920.
      • Updated request system by creating web accessible form for libraries.
      • Updated reporting system by creating web form that is automatically emailed to library.
      • Initiated feedback system by creating web form for libraries to complete after work is performed.
      • 15 BiblioTech Liaison Certification Sessions were completed.
    • Statistics
      • Replaced/upgraded 6 DSL routers.
      • Converted Woodbury Public Library to CEN fiber.
      • Converted Hagaman Memorial Library to Frontier fiber.
    • Conferences
      • Tom & Genevieve attended the 2016 CEN conference.
      • Genevieve chaired a CEN round table discussion on library technology.
    • Telecom Support
      • Genevieve developed a method to establish traffic monitoring on all the DSL routers that allows real-time analysis of data flow across each library’s LAN and CEN connection.
      • As a result of information gathered from data flow analysis, DSL routers were re-programmed to reduce non-ILS traffic on the CEN line in order to improve Evergreen response time.

Member Services

  • Help Desk
    • In FY15-16, 1566 Help Desk tickets were generated and provided $101,790 of service to our member libraries.
    • Of those 1,518 tickets, 97% were resolved.
    • Help Desk staff handled an average of 30 calls a week.
    • 68 member libraries received service.
    • Additionally, we serviced 30 library patrons directly, either by phone, email or in person!
  • Database Services
    • As of May 16, 2016, our department filled over 19,000 requests from our libraries for bibliographic records to be added to our catalog. This includes over 600 records created as original cataloging for our member libraries, first on OCLC, then exported to our local catalog.
    • We also upgraded over 15,000 brief vendor records that were loaded to the catalog by our libraries using the acquisitions module.
    • We continue to load records on behalf of the subscribing libraries for the downloadable ebook and e-audiobook services Overdrive, OneClickDigital, Hoopla, and Blio.
    • We took part in the migration of the Ethel Walker School from their stand-alone system to the Bibliomation system, and are making preparations for the coming migrations of the Milford Public Library and the Babcock/Ashford Library.
  • Evergreen System
  • In October 2015, Evergreen 2.9 was rolled out.  Among the many bug fixes, the state circulation codes were added to the cataloging template to make for more accurate reporting.  Technical services staff now have the state circulation code as a field when they add an item to the system.
  • Equinox made significant development strides on the Evergreen web client, including the cataloging and circulation modules. Completion date is targeted for Fall of 2017.
  • We partnered with our friends to the North, MassLNC, to improve search by developing a priority-based search. This will be folded into the next version of Evergreen.
  • MassLNC formed their Development Initiative and asked Bibliomation if we’d like to join them in this project. Funds will be pooled to sponsor larger Evergreen development projects.  Bibliomation has signed on for the first year and will evaluate its success after the year is up.  The project starts July 2016.
  • findIT CT – Despite a number of setbacks, all of which staff were able to overcome, Phase 1 of the findIT CT development project went live on May 16, 2016.  This first edition features the collections of the “Big 4” consortiums ( LCI, LION, Bibliomation and CONSULS). There are 10.3 million total item records available in this initial roll out. Phase 2 will see the remainder of item records loaded – 10.4 million. Phase 3 will see the development and implementation of the connectors which will allow live interlibrary loan. Moving forward, a regular schedule for loads will be established.
  • Conferences
  • The Evergreen Conference was held in Raleigh, NC this past April. Among the items learned at the conference were:
    • OverDrive can be added to the OPAC – checking items out, My Account information
    • Authority Control – setup options
    • Acquisitions program on funds – how libraries can deduct money out of the funding source
    • Acquisitions reports – there was a whole list of common acquisition reports provided by Equinox that Bibliomation libraries can benefit from
    • QuickReports – The PINES consortium developed this with Emerald Data Networks – working now in PINES; better way to share reports with libraries; more simplified, easier to use
    • Great suggestions for better training exercises.

Administrative Services

Libraries are receiving BiblioTech Reports with their balance of available hours on a quarterly basis. If the library has gone over their available hours they are billed quarterly.

During FY 15-16 there were 650 invoices to member libraries.  Patron Card and computer sales increased this year.  We continue to look for ways to save members money on all miscellaneous items including computers, printers, projectors, memory, barcode scanners, and receipt printers.

We continue to improve the inventory system that was put in place two years ago.  It allows Bibliomation to track equipment purchased by libraries.  If there is a question about a particular piece of equipment we will be able to track the barcode to the purchase date and other important information.

  • Outreach
  • P. Webster Library was out of their building for much of the fall and winter. During this time we kept in contact with Patti Malahan the director. After not hearing from her, it was discovered that she had retired in April. After contacting her assistant, we were told that the hiring process was underway and that the new director will be instructed to contact us regarding migration.
  • A presentation was given to the director and board of the Babcock Library/Ashford at the end of November. In early January, the decision was made to join Bibliomation. A subsequent planning meeting was held with them. It has taken a while in order to get a clean extract of their data so that we could look at it and see if there were any issues. While they have non-standard barcodes, this will not be a hindrance to migration. It was suggested that over time they move to the standard barcodes.
  • In early December a presentation was given to the director and board of the Milford Public Library. The decision to join Bibliomation was made a week after the presentation. Two in-person and a conference call meeting were held to begin the planning of their migration. Milford also uses non-standard barcodes. Again, this will not be an impediment to migration and they have agreed to use standard barcodes over time.
  • The Burnham Library /Bridgewater was contacted and is currently proceeding with their long range planning process. Originally we had planned on meeting with them in mid-October, but Amy and I met with them in June. Their board voted to become a Bibliomation member. They will migrate in mid-November.
  • The Frank L. McGuire Maritime LIbrary/New London contacted us and they were provided a proposal in June. They asked that we contact them in early- Fall.
  • They are interested but need to gauge the financial health of their organization.
  • Amy and I met with the director of the The Plymouth Library and made a proposal of membership. We continue to remain in contact and are waiting a date to meet with their Library board.
  • Booth & Dimock Library/Coventry was contacted Carl and he provided a proposal but the library decided to stay with AG Verso for the time being.
  • Amy and Carl met with the Director and Assistant Director of the Enfield Public Library in May. A proposal was provided and further discussions will take place in July.

Libraries who have left us

  • The Gunnery in Washington decided to leave due to financial considerations.
  • In June, the Waterbury School systems notified us that they would be moving to Follett but we are waiting for official confirmation. The system has eight school libraries.
  • Staff Changes
  • In December, Ben Shum submitted notification that he was leaving for another position. He left work on January 12. At that time Melissa Ceraso became Interim Evergreen Systems Manager. Melissa took over management of the migration and findIT CT projects. Through her organizational abilities she was responsible for moving the state project to its initial launch on May 16.
  • Melissa Ceraso submitted her notice in early May as she was leaving to take her dream job with ALA’s Choice magazine. Jessica Woolford took over as Interim Evergreen Systems Manager through the end of August.
  • John Merriam was hired and began work on May 2 as Evergreen System Specialist. John comes to Bibliomation with many years of work experience in networking and software development.

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