Welcome Melissa!

melissaBibliomation welcomed Melissa Ceraso as Evergreen System Specialist in October 2013. She has worked in libraries for seven years, and earned her MLS from Southern in 2010. This is her most “techie” job with libraries so far, and she’s quickly becoming an Evergreen expert. Melissa was kind enough to answer a few questions so our members could get to know her. Everyone at Bibliomation is thrilled to welcome Melissa to HQ and we know our members will enjoy working with her.
How long have you worked in libraries and what made you go to library school?
I have worked in various libraries and library organizations for about seven years. The biggest factor in my decision to go to library school was that I wanted to be involved with a profession that helped the community at large. Throughout my life, I have always surrounded myself with books. Librarianship seemed like the best opportunity to marry the want of providing assistance to others and my passion for books.

What have you found most interesting at Biblio so far?
I’m fascinated by how eager and willing Biblio was to embrace Open Source software. I find Open Source software to be one of the coolest and most effective options, as it really gives its users the ability to shape and create their working environment (and who doesn’t want to have a say in something that is utilized day in and day out?). The fact that Biblio is participating in Open Source software opportunities has really illustrated to me, as a total newbie, how we are really looking out for the best interests of our libraries and that we are willing to implement true change in the software.

Did anything surprise you about our libraries?
I’m really impressed by the fact that our libraries are incredibly passionate about Evergreen. I attended two circulation meetings in the fall and was thoroughly surprised by how vocal many of those in attendance were regarding the ILS. They freely shared their experiences with the software and weren’t afraid to be candid about any issues that they or their colleagues were facing. It’s really refreshing to see that our libraries are so willing to be so actively involved with Evergreen and its future.

What do you do for fun when Ben’s not making you reinstall Evergreen on a server?
I’m a major movie fan, so I always try and check out the newest movies that hit the theaters. I also really enjoy venturing into New York City and seeing shows, visiting museums, and simply just walking around and soaking up all that the city has to offer. Last year, I also started take a tap dancing class, which I plan on continuing to take until I can no longer stand up–it’s that fun!

Do you have any surprisingly non-techie habits/tendencies?
Actually, I still prefer reading the newspaper! Most people would say, “Why not just download the app!” But there’s something so awesome about physically holding the paper and getting the ink on your fingers.

What’s your favorite thing about Evergreen? What would you change if you had a magic wand?
I really enjoy the vast community collaboration; that is, the daily communication that happens between the Evergreen developers as well as the users. I’m a huge fan of the versatility of Evergreen. If I could change anything, I would flick away any and all holds issues. The developers are actively trying to discover a remedy for various holds issues…so, as always, it is a work in progress. But that magic wand does sound nice!