Welcome Debbie!

Bibliomation is fortunate to have Debbie Daiss on board as our Business Manager/CFO. Debbie holds a degree in Accounting and Marketing from Georgia Southern University and has worked in finance at both businesses and nonprofits.


  • You’ve been in business and accounting for 21 years. What sorts of organizations have you worked for and what have been some of your more interesting jobs?

I have worked for non-profits, property management and retail/wholesale companies. I was the Business Manager for Illinois Park and Recreation Association – not just a numbers job. I helped run events at Chicago Bears, White Sox, Cubs, and Bulls games. It was a great job for a sports fan

  • Accounting, like librarianship, has a very specific public image that’s not always…shall we say, glamorous. What do you wish people knew about accounting that they usually don’t?

Accounting is often like solving a puzzle- you have to put the pieces together to come up with the complete picture. When the numbers don’t balance you have to keep trying the pieces to see what fits.

  • A lot of librarians profess to being math-phobic. Were you always good with numbers?

I have always loved playing with numbers and solving math problems.

  • You’ve been on board for a few months – have you discovered anything that surprised you about libraries?

Yes, libraries require a great deal of information sharing to keep current with our ever changing society. They have to keep up with current events in healthcare, technology, and tax changes, to just name a few. They offer lectures, history lessons, social events, and book clubs all on limited budgets. In order to do this I have seen how they share information and I have been amazed at the number of responses to questions and offers of advice.