Evergreen Enhancements

Bibliomation will be funding the development of these enhancements for Evergreen in the coming months. We are working with a variety of developers to add these features to Evergreen, so the timelines will vary for each item. If you have any questions about these enhancements, contact Amy Terlaga terlaga AT biblio DOT org.

Bibliomation / October 2012

1. Cataloging
“Edit Volumes” – Call Number Display
Description: When you “edit volumes” from the item status screen, refresh the item status screen to show updated call number.

2. Checkout/Checkin
View Holds in Check-In
Description: By clicking on the item once it is checked in, an option for “View Holds” should be available from the “action” menu.
Print Details of Single Checked Out Items
Description: In Patron’s Item out screen the ability to print details of a single item with a new receipt template from the listing of items checked-out to a patron should be available.
Mis-scanned Barcodes
Description: In check-out: Any mis-scanned barcode should appear along with the message prompt asking if you want a pre-cat checkout or not.

3. Holds
View Holds in Item Status
Description: After scanning an item in Item Status, user can click on Actions for Selected Items and choose “View Holds.”

View Holds from Patron Record
Description: Be able to “view holds” for other patrons when placing a hold from the patron’s record.

4. Notices / Reports
Alphabetize Parameters in Report Setup
Description: In the reports template setup, the parameter fields are not currently alphabetical, making it difficult to run reports.

Alphabetize Template Names in Listing
Description: The names of the individual report templates are also not listed alphabetically.

5. Patrons
Patron Blocking by Number of Lost Items
Description: Have a group penalty threshold for lost items.

Include Lost, Claimed Returned, and Long Overdue as Items Out
Description: Make lost, claimed returned, and long overdue items stay on patron’s card as “checked out” (count towards total of items out) and also appear in the fine/bill area.

Patron Record-“See Notes” Clickable
Description: On the patron record, make the (See Notes) clickable, bringing you directly to the notes. From the patron search, this should not be clickable.

6. Searching
My Lists
Description: Improve the My List feature by adding call number to each item saved to the list.

Highlight Search Terms
Description: Highlight search terms in search results.