SQL Training – Dan Scott Rocks the House

Well, we just completed two days of intensive SQL training with Dan Scott, and I have to write that it was all we were hoping for and more. Not only did Dan provide us with a comprehensive overview of the basics of writing SQL queries (as well as how to insert, delete, and modify in the Evergreen database), he also delivered to us the core set of library SQL reports we needed for our development partner libraries. Since two of these libraries are going live in March, this was very timely, indeed!

Oh, and for good measure, he also helped Melissa Lefebvre, our open source project manager, figure out how to customize each of our libraries’ web catalog pages so that their specific library logo/image appears in the upper left hand corner of the web catalog display. Very cool!

Dan has contributed all of his course materials to the Evergreen community. You can find them here, as a link from his blog post about his two days with us.

Be sure to thank Dan for his efforts – dan{at}coffeecode{dot}net. This is a major contribution to Planet Evergreen!

Amy Terlaga
Assistant Director, User Services